I'm over fifty and looking for a job
and sadly discovering how hard it has become
I walk so much my feet just throb
at the end of the day, I come home, just numb.

Many employers say they obey Affirmative Action
They say they don't have age discrimination
They swear they don't have one single infraction
But I still don't have a job, just frustration.

Over the last few months, I've had many interviews
Filled out applications, showing I had the necessary skills
But at the end of the day, I had no good news
All I get in the mail is more and more bills.

I'm no different than thousands of other "seniors" looking for work
I still have value and skills; I just want a living wage
But many employers share the very same quirk
They don't consider the experiences; all they see is one's age.

They are very smooth, but their lies still flow
They'll tell you your application looks good and they'll let you know
Your heart beats fast and your hopes start to grow
But if and when they do call, it's "sorry" but no!

A host of reasons will mask their lies
You're over qualified, too tall, or too short
Too slow, too fast, or maybe it's your size
But in the end, it's not you they will support.

Many seniors still want to work; their desire is to feel needed
They're dependable, hard working and they'll stand by their word
Please don't kill their desires or make them feel not needed
Consider them first for your job; make them feel preferred.

So please, Mr. Employer, take a minute and read this
Please look past one's age; instead see their value and skill
Look at their lifetime of experience before you judge amiss
And you might discover how valuable they are still!


by Rick Harris
age 55, 2006



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