A Simple Place In Time

There was a time
Not long ago
Life was simple
Pace was slow.
Working fathers
In their place
Mothers’ home
Was full of grace.

She was there
To fill the cup
Teach them manners
Bring them up.
Kids were spanked
When they did wrong
Families sang
A different song.

Youth were taught
The golden rule
In the church
And in the school.
A time we knew
Our neighbors’ name
Country folk
Down wooded lane.

There was a wrong
There was a right
Honest people
Didn’t fight.
T.V. stations
Off at ten
Local news
Came on back then.

No C.D.s
And no Ipods
Just radios
And fishin rods.
No laptops
And no cell phones
Just happy families
Time alone.

The days of old
Have gone away
And men don’t take
The time to pray.
War is raging
Hear the cries
A young man dies

Lots of crime
Out in the street
Trust is gone
In those we meet.
World is angry
People swear
Sin is found
Most everywhere.

There was a day
We knew no woe
But now our prisons
Life goes on
The pace is fast
The days of old
Will never last.

Unborn children
Silent cry
Laws are made
Why must they die?
Laws are changing
Vows are too
Jack and John
Now say, “I do.”

Bible sits
Upon the shelf
Every man
Is for himself.
Dust has gathered
On The Word
Book of God
Has gone unheard.

How I miss
So long ago
Life was simple
Pace was slow.

©2006 Marilyn Ferguson
(written) October 27, 2006



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