Once there was a child,
Who struggled just to live.
His name was Jason, he was five,
And he had much to give.

His bright and cheery smile,
Belied the pain that made him shake.
He'd sear his way into your heart,
And cause your heart to quake.

Through all the treatments he did go,
This precious little boy.
Not knowing how many hearts he touched,
Nor how many he filled with joy.

Even with the best of Doctors,
They couldn't help this child get well,
And every time the nurses left him,
The lumps in their throats would swell.

Then one day his family were called,
And they all surrounded his bed.
When all at once he smiled and sat up,
And Jesus is all he said.

Little Jason was laid to rest, on his sixth Birthday,
There were little children there,
And they began to pray,
Then all the children sang Happy Birthday,
And many cried that day.

This poem is dedicated to Jason Sweeny who lost his life
to Leukemia, and to his family.

Sherry Falling Leaf Jones



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