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The Keeper Of The Bridge

It was on the Mississippi,
Where the great draw-bridge was known,
And the keeper had great honor -
Far from his Oklahoma home.

It was in the dark depression days.
He'd headed toward the east,
But, found this most prestigious post
To feed his family.

When the ships came down the river
Then, he pulled the lever hard
And the bridge split in the middle,
Raised and stood like giant guards ...

Letting pass the ships of cargo,
Going north and south each day,
The captains highly trusted him -
This keeper of the way.

Now, the trains that crossed the river
Sounded out a whistle shrill.
The engineers had confidence
In the keeper, down the hill.

So, they bustled on, so speedily.
They knew this bridge would hold
All their merchandise and passengers,
All their many forms of gold.

It happened on a sunny day,
The keeper took his only son -
Let him watch him do his duty,
Let him see a job well done.

They had lunch down on the walkway,
Jutting out into the deep.
For from there, the bridge looked awesome,
Like a giant he must keep.

They saw the cogs and pins,
The gears all polished bright.
The keeper pointed out the turns they made,
To make the bridge raise right.

Then, engrossed in their discussion,
Came a sound of great alarm!
'Twas the whistle of the engineer'
Signaling to keep from harm.

The keeper leapt to scale the wall
And pull the lever fast!
He dare not waste a moment, for
The train, too soon, would pass!

So, he ran and grabbed the lever -
Just glancing up to see
His son, not waiting on the dock
Where he was told to be.

His eyes fell on the gear box,
His son, in agony,
Had fallen there and caught up tight
In the gears of that machine!

Four hundred souls are racing,
To crash into the bridge!
Four hundred people, he would choose,
To sacrifice or live!

There was no time to warn the train,
Nor rescue safe his son,
And so he did the only thing ...
And wept when it was done.

The train sped by, unheeding
The keeper weeping there.
He looked up, saw the faces
Of passengers, so fair ...

A little girl with ice cream,
A man in tall grand hat.
A woman, with companion,
Engaged in friendly chat.

They never knew, as they swept by,
The sacrifice it cost.
The keeper, weeping bitterly,
So loved the boy he lost!

I cannot help but think the day
That God gave up His Son ...
The world, goes rushing on its way,
Unaware of what He's done.

He built a bridge that spans the gulf
From here to Heaven's shore.
He sacrificed His Only Son.
He opened Heaven's door!

Oh, Keeper, how can I repay
That Heart that loves us true?
Dear Keeper of the Bridge of Love,
I give my life to You!

İİ by Joan Clifton Costner



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