Now I wake thee up to pray
Lord Jesus be with me all day
Thank you, Lord, for your protection last night
Please lead and guide me to do right.

Now as I leave my home to provide
Protect my wife and children inside
Lord, lay it upon their hearts to pray
Remind them of Your truth and ways.

As I go about my day
Stay with me and guide my way
As I go about my business
Remind me, Lord, to always be a witness.

Lord, protect me as I drive,
Let mercy and grace by at my side.
Please protect me from all harm,
Hold me close in Your everlasting arms.

As I go into the workplace to earn,
Lord, let your spirit be with me to discern.
Remind me all day to give You thanks and praise
Lord Jesus, be with me as I travel home and end this day.


By Dixie Clemens
January 23, 2003