What is it that holds a family together
And keeps their concern alive?
What cheers a kid like a million bucks ~
Gives him the winning drive?

Itís the memories placed in his heart and soul,
Itís the moments he clutches to.
That day when the heavens came pouring down
And he ran through the rain with you.

Itís the song that she learned in secret,
And performed without a flaw,
She sang it straight to the eyes of love that
She saw in her own grandpa.....

Itís the awe as they watch all the grown ups,
Standing in worship and praise;
And they feel the "serious business" ~
See it written on each reverent face...

The mound where the roses are fragrant
And the one beneath, beloved;
The faithful look, as the grown ups explain,
How someday weíll go above.

Itís the staying when days are long and lean ~
When thereís not money enough
Making do...with worn out, used up things...
And not creating a fuss.

It all goes together to make special glue...
Enduring through all the years;
Holding the precious lives we love
With laughter, and faith....and tears...

© 2006 by Joan Clifton Costner


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