My Brother

 On his Harley he would go,
Down to the river, he loved it so.
There hed sit on the river side,
Enjoying the view and rest from his ride.

His Bible is always a part of his gear,
For with it and the Lord he has nothing to fear.
There hed sit and contemplate life,
Away from all the stress and all of the strife!

Hed read his bible and store the Wisdom away,
And then he was ready to start a new day.
There hed talk to God for hours it seemed,
And the smile on his face, well it just beamed!

For the love of God in this man did dwell,
And from his lips flowed a Holy well.
Even after all hes been through,
He still offers prayers for me and for you.

This man is my Brother so brave and so true,
There isnt anything for him I wouldnt do.
He is my hero, and God is his Key,
To help me become all He wants me to be.

Of all the Brothers I could have had,
God blessed me with you and for this I am glad.
My Brother, my Thunder Warrior, I named you so true,
Your heart thunders the love of God in all that you do!
And Brother for this, I am so proud of you!

This poem was written for my Brother,
Jeffery Paul Guest

written by Sherry Falling Leaf Jones
11/23/06 Copyright
Southern Band Tuscarora Tribe
Indian Woods Reservation
Bertie Co.,N.C.

By FallingLeaf
2007 FallingLeaf (All rights reserved)

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