It Tells

It  All


If you're a reader, you'll want to look
Inside of this special book
The mysteries you will find and read
Will not put your mind at ease.

Facts of history that have gone by
Now repeating, makes you sigh
It tells what to expect in future too
Is this the book that is so true?

Who could know these things to be
Before the years of you and me
I think the one who wrote this all
Knew everything on earth -- that's all !

He created it for us to live on this earth
Then He gave us living birth
No reason to question -- no reason to ask
Just try to follow -- it's not a big task.

So follow this book of teaching for you
You'll find more and more how much it is true
God is the author and the Creator too
Decide it's the best book of knowledge for you.

by Dina M. Dostica

Used with permission