Dirt Roads

I came across a dirt road,
And thought I heard it say,
I know you’ve driven asphalt,
But please turn down this way.

And so I answered the dirt road,
And walked down its first mile,
The things I saw as I trudged on,
Caused me to slow and smile.

The dust that played beneath my feet,
And swirled so gently round,
Brought a smile unto my weary face,
And chased away my frown.

It brought back memories I had forgotten,
Of days so long ago,
When mostly there were dirt roads,
And driving was so slow.

I saw the butterflies long side,
On flowers that grew tall,
And saw a rabbit dart across,
And heard an eagle‘s call.

I saw great trees that furnished shade,
Tall, reaching for blue sky,
They gave needed cooling from hot sun,
To all those who passed by.

And then I passed a rundown house,
And felt a twinge of alarm,
It won’t be long till nothing’s left,
Where once there was a farm.

And then I thought of its future,
When the dirt road too is gone,
Encroaching grass along the edge,
Tells me it won’t be long.

Until the road has disappeared,
From all but memory,
And I wished with all my heart the road,
Could tell its history.

That it could tell me all about,
And I could hear it say,
"I am the very thing that caused,
Them all to move away.”

© Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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