May Your Blessings Overflow

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving
Adding all of those... you know
May your plates be filled with love and happiness
May your blessings overflow

May you gather around the table with the ones you love
Where laughter fills the holiday air
In joyous celebration…
Create some memories for your heart…
For they are the truest treasures beyond compare

Take the ones you love this day
Hold them in your arms so tight
Gaze upon the face that smiles back at you
Then say your thankful prayers tonight

To me Thanksgiving is so much more…
Than the food that I may see
Or the fine china and linens that often decorate the table
It’s in the love we give and share
Giving thanks to God... whenever we are able

It’s in the beautiful family and friends
You love with all your heart
And still carrying that love with you
When the day should come to an end

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours
And to the family and friends that I know
Thank you for your love and friendship
May your blessings overflow

By Brenda Conley © 2003


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