Who Am I ?

If you ask me my name, I may not know
My memory is like a fog, fading in and out
I may not walk fast; most things I do slow
As time goes on, less things I know about.

Although my memory I cannot grasp
One minute I'm happy and smiling, then I'm sad or crying
What I have now will not last
I think most would agree I'm just very 'trying'.

I was once a little girl whose head was full of dreams
doing the things little girls like to do
hopscotch, playing with dolls, swimming in streams
going to school, and visiting the zoo.

I was the young girl madly in love
I married the man I loved and started a family
After a few years, I gave my heart to God above
And tried to be the best mother I could be.

I am the mother who loved you so much
Cared for you when you were sick and helped you get well
Sent you off to school; always made your lunch
Picked you up and dried your tears when you fell.

I am the mother who cried with you when you were sad
Who laughed with you when times were good
Put up with you when you went through the latest fad
But you always made me proud of you; I knew you would.

I watched as you found the right person and fell in love
Knowing the day would come when I would have to let you go
But in my heart, of you I was so proud of
I knew that in your new life, you would continue to grow.

I am the mother who cried tears of joy
when I found out I was to be a grandmother
Grandchildren that I could play with and enjoy
And with my love, with them I would smother.

I am the same person you've always known
But my memory is gone and my mind is but a daze
I'm surrounded by people I don't know; I feel alone
More and more often, my eyes betray a vacant gaze.

But the day will come when the Lord will come for me
And then my mind will forever be clear
Of this terrible disease I will forever be free
And never again will I have anything to fear.

So when you look at me, and I look back with a vacant stare
Remember all the good times we had and the love we shared
Continue to care for me, love me and keep me in prayer
When we meet again in Heaven, righteous will we be declared.

©Rick Harris
August 1, 2007

I wrote this for my very good friend, Dorothy and her husband, Wayne.  She doesn't know me but that's not important.  I know her and I remember her as she was before she was struck with this terrible disease. Wayne's love for her has never  faltered and his inner strength to personally care for her through all this should be an inspiration to all !




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