We are born to a life of faith
As children of the King
That guides us through the stormy night
And gives a song to sing.

We walk in faith through dark of night
When storms about assail,
Supported by the hand of God
We stand strong and prevail.

Our vision for the earthly dims,
Yet faith helps us to see
Beyond the temporary things
To glimpse eternity.

For all I trust Him, we proclaim,
Renewing strength when weak.
As we bow in humble prayer,
We hear our Savior speak.

A voice that guides us as we live
And walk in faith each day,
The Son of God who lives in us
Directs us in the way.

Our eyes of faith will never grow dim
But each day stronger grows;
Until we see Him face to face,
Our way He clearly shows.

We walk in faith and not by sight
While holding to God's hand;
Grounded on the Solid Rock,
Forevermore we'll stand.

2007 Linda J. Stevenson




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