There's a beautiful garden awaiting
some day beyond the blue,
which God has prepared with splendor and beauty,
for those, who to Him, remain true.

The path isn't smooth or always lovely
for on this road there'll be stumbling blocks,
but the way to remove them has been provided
by Jesus Christ, who is our "Solid Rock."

Stumbling blocks can be turned into stepping stones
as we let Jesus be our Savior and guide
each curve in the road only brings us closer
to eternal rest, in which we shall forever abide.

There are ruts in this road which may hinder
which Satan uses to try and cause us to detour,
but if we are wise to his schemes and wiles,
we can march on in victory forward, without fear.

All along this road there are deep valleys
in which we may have many tears,
but in those valleys we find God's comfort,
for His presence is even more dear.

The road may seem endless, with it's struggles
the race may leave us bruised and battle scarred,
but the final destination is worth each effort,
for in Paradise, we'll be with our Blessed Lord.

On this road there are many who may look back
though the lights of home are seen just ahead,
the trees of life will bloom eternally,
by the Lamb of God's provisions, we'll be fed.

The signs that read "caution" won't be present
when this road ends at heaven's paradise,
for there'll be nothing to harm or hurt us,
in God's glorious kingdom of eternal life.

The path is straight and narrow
not broad, like that which leads to perdition
all those who walk on this road,
must have a heart of love and contrition.

Can you imagine what glory awaits those,
who fight the good fight of faith?
Where a crown of eternal life will be given,
just inside heaven's pearly gates.

Though this road has sands like an hourglass
and we know one day it shall end,
We'll find at the end of our journey,
Heaven's paradise which is free from strife and sin.

So hold on each day to the Blessed Savior
let His hand guide you safely on,
look ahead to the promises of our future,
for we can almost see our eternal home.

2007 by Jo Ann Kelly