Wonder and Beauty Of A Child's Faith

Jesus' hands are very soft,
They are as gentle as can be,
Jesus holds me in His hands,
Because He surely does love me.

He shows me all the time,
Just how much He cares,
I am just a small child,
But He hears my prayers.

I ask Him to protect me,
I talk to Jesus at night,
When I start to go to bed,
I'm wrapped in Jesus' love tight.

He stays with me in the darkness,
Oh He is there all during the day,
No matter where I happen to go,
Jesus is there each step of the way.

This Christmas Eve it was raining,
We were coming back home,
Mommie, Daddy, Jesus and me,
You see we were not alone.

The road had water running down,
The car hydroplaned just then,
We rolled into a drainage ditch,
Upside down, but unhurt, Amen.

I saw Jesus there that night,
He was wearing blue,
I told Mommie and Daddy,
His hands held me too.

I'm a child but I love Jesus,
And Jesus loves me so much,
He takes very good care of me,
Do you want to feel His touch?

Gayle Davis
01 January 2007

I wrote this after my son, daughter-in-law and their little girl Ashley (the one in the picture on the page) had a wreck on Christmas Eve. Lisa was pregnant with their new baby and she is perfect.  God is so good!  As we gathered on Christmas day we were all so thankful and full of deep feelings of gratitude for we were gathering in love and family fellowship instead of being together planning a funeral. Ashley told her parents and I believe the people at the hospital that Jesus was there and he had on a blue shirt.  She said He held her.  I still cry and have chills when I think of the greatness and the awesome love God has for us.  Ashley will soon be 3 years old but she knew Jesus was with her and I believe with all of my being she saw Him and He held my grandbaby in His powerful yet gentle hands.