God, when I am lost
You help light the way for me
You guide me through a troublesome path
Where my troubles are set free.

You remind me to surrender myself
to your loving care.
You light my darkness
To let me know that you are always there.

When ever I see the sunshine
That beams through the day.
I know that it is you Lord
Letting me know you will always light my way.

With each path that I have chosen,
You are my footsteps walking me through.
You carried me through the trials and tribulations
And for that Lord, I thank you.

Lord, let me be a light for others
Like you were the light for me
Let me help light the way for them
So they can be closer to Thee.

Never let me forget that you are God
Who sits high and rule from above
And every time I see your sun light
I know it is you shining your light of love.

©Kathy L Martin 2007


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